Continental’s ContiSeal tyre technology can help increase tyre life. Here’s how
Continental’s ContiSeal tyre technology can help increase tyre life. Here’s how

Continental’s ContiSeal tyre technology can help increase tyre life. Here’s how

February 20, 2024


Continental’s ContiSeal technology uses a sticky, viscous sealant layer to fix tread damage up to 5 mm in diameter. It traps the air inside, keeps the

Continental Tires
Continental Tires plans to introduce ContiSeal tyre technolgy in India

A report by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) states that for every accident caused due to the vehicle itself, tyre-related problems contribute to about 35 per cent. Punctures are one of the most understandable types of tyre damage in India.

A puncture is mainly caused due to piercing of sharp objects into the tyre. However, there could be many other reasons for this as well For instance, bad road conditions like potholes with sharp edges placed in the path. Other possible issues are edged nails and pierced glass.

In a bid to address this issue, Continental Tires is considering the introduction of its ContiSeal technology in India. The technology, showcased during the Bharat Mobility Global Expo, offers immediate puncture sealing capabilities.

If a tyre is punctured by a nail or similar object, the ContiSeal technology automatically seals the puncture from within, allowing the tyre to retain air and keep the vehicle mobile. This sticky sealant layer can effectively repair tread damage up to 5 mm in diameter, sealing approximately 80 per cent of tyre punctures without affecting the driving experience.

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Samir Gupta, Managing Director, Continental Tires India, explained to HT Auto that while this technology will help in reducing accidents caused due to puncture, it will further help the women drivers too.

“The technology gives freedom especially to the female drivers when they are driving during late night through isolated areas. And if something happens or a puncture happens to a tyre, they need not to stop there and change the tyre, rather the tyre will seal itself,” he added.

Moreover, Gupta underscored the potential of ContiSeal to prolong tyre life. Typically, driving on a punctured tyre for a few kilometers can significantly damage the tyre. However, with ContiSeal, this damage can be mitigated, resulting in increased tyre longevity.

While the MD acknowledges the potential of ContiSeal, he also recognises the importance of educating consumers about its technical features and benefits before its introduction in India. Continental Tires plans to engage with car clubs and opinion leaders to test batches of tyres equipped with ContiSeal and gather feedback on performance. Initially, the technology will be targeted at the four-wheeler segment, with plans to evaluate its application in the two-wheeler segment.

Will it be successful?

With all its capabilities, Continental tyres with ContiSeal technology are bound to be expensive. However, Gupta is pretty confident that the technology will be well accepted by the customers. He said that the company is witnessing a change in consumer mindset. Rather than being cost conscious, they are willing to pay for value based products, he added.

The MD continued that while consumers are willing to pay higher prices, they are also demanding value in the products, and ContiSeal fits in the bracket precisely. Looking ahead, Gupta anticipates that the cost of ContiSeal technology will decrease over time as economies of scale are achieved, making it more accessible to consumers while maintaining its safety and performance benefits.

First Published Date: 12 Feb 2024, 16:41 PM IST


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