Volkswagen confirms entry-level EV for Europe by 2027
Volkswagen confirms entry-level EV for Europe by 2027

Volkswagen confirms entry-level EV for Europe by 2027

Volkswagen’s upcoming entry-level electric vehicle is scheduled for a global unveiling around 2027, debuting initially in Europe. Previous discussions with Renault about a collaborative effort for this entry-level EV appear to have fallen through, prompting Volkswagen to pursue the project independently in Europe.

According to earlier reports from Autocar UK, the model, likely to be named ID1, will draw inspiration from the discontinued Volkswagen Up, potentially adopting its name upon release, presenting competition to the Citroen eC3, which is also available in India.

The ID1, slated to replace the discontinued UP hatchback in Volkswagen’s lineup, will be manufactured in Spain alongside three other affordable electric vehicles within the Volkswagen Group, including the Skoda Epiq SUV and two additional small electric cars under the Volkswagen and Cupra brands.

Volkswagen has acknowledged the challenges of producing smaller electric vehicles due to increasing costs and limited resources, a sentiment echoed by Toyota earlier regarding electric entry-level hatchbacks.

Having confirmed plans for the new entry-level EV, Volkswagen aims to bring the ID1 to production within the next three years, positioning it as a successor to the successful city car, the Up, which ceased production after a 12-year run. While primarily targeting the European market, the ID1 will also share design elements with its predecessor.

Given Volkswagen’s updated 36-month vehicle development timeline, the ID1 could debut before 2027. Built on a dedicated platform separate from the ID2’s MEB entry architecture, the focus will be on cost efficiency rather than advanced autonomy and connectivity features, making it more suitable as a city car.

The ID1 is not expected to support 200kW fast-charging or long-distance travel capabilities, aligning with its intended use as a pure city vehicle. While Europe is the primary market, Volkswagen is also developing a separate mass-market EV for India.

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