Teams and Conditons

All listings may go through a review process and approval by Search My Car. Approved listings will display images to prospective buyers. The rest of the details will be visible immediately after the ad goes live.

An individual user can only list one car for free. Uploading more cars requires upgrading to SellEasy.

As a Seller, you certify that all information provided regarding your listed car is accurate.

The Seller is solely responsible for completing and verifying all documentation before finalizing the sale. Any sale concluded by the Seller is their sole responsibility.

Premium ad validity is 90 days.

A SellEasy charge applies to every new car ad that uses premium benefits.

Refund policy: If you can’t find a satisfactory buyer within 30-90 days from the payment date, you’ll receive a guaranteed 100% refund. The refund will be processed in 8-9 business days and is applicable to one listing per mobile number.

Upgrading from a free listing to premium boosts your listing visibility for 5 times more views.

Buyer details, including phone numbers, will be shared with premium sellers via SMS and displayed on the website.

It is the seller’s responsibility to contact buyers and verify required details and documents. Search My Car Tech Limited will not be responsible for any deficiencies or disputes arising between buyers and sellers.

Seller listings will only be visible in the seller’s primary city. The seller’s city cannot be changed after the vehicle is listed.

Search My Car Tech Limited does not guarantee a sale, but will make best efforts to provide maximum views.

The number of buyers you attract depends on listing quality. This includes factors like the number and quality of images, accurate vehicle details, model and make popularity, listing price, and vehicle condition.

Once the vehicle’s make and model are entered, they cannot be changed later.

A premium ad cannot be reactivated if deleted by the user, intentionally or unintentionally.

Please note: The free listing plan is offered by Search My Car Tech Limited (“Search My Car”) and is only available to individual or private party sellers listing their car for sale on Search My Car. Dealers, brokers, or individuals who trade in cars are not eligible.

Search My Car reserves the right to withdraw or modify any or all terms and conditions of the plan at any time without prior notice.

You authorize Search My Car/Search My Car Tech Limited to contact you by phone or SMS regarding your car advertisement.

Any disputes arising from or related to this plan will be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts in Mumbai only. The existence of a dispute will not constitute a claim against Search My Car.

Any individual who lists their car on Search My Car using this plan accepts the Terms and Conditions specified above in their entirety.

Users are prohibited from abusing or misusing the website or engaging in any activity that violates these terms. In such cases, Search My Car may suspend or permanently ban the user from accessing the website.

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