Electric car charging discounts halved for motoring club members
Electric car charging discounts halved for motoring club members

Electric car charging discounts halved for motoring club members

March 6, 2024


One of Australia’s largest electric vehicle (EV) charging networks has reduced its discounted rates for members of the biggest motoring clubs in the country.

From March 8, 2024, Chargefox will reduce the discount for members of Australian Motoring Services-owned clubs – such as the NRMA, RACV, RAA, RACT and AANT – from 20 to 10 per cent.

The Australian Motoring Services also owns the RACQ and RAA, though members of these two organisations can still benefit from the 20 per cent discount – providing they are charging in their home state at a select charger, with the 10 per cent discount applying in other jurisdictions.

In July 2022, Australian Motoring Services took full ownership of Chargefox, with the EV charging company expanding to have almost 250 charging stations across Australia.

However, there are only 21 Chargefox charging stations where motoring club members can make use of the discount. These locations are listed at the bottom of this article.

Chargefox says the cost to use one of its chargers varies from location to location, rather like a petrol station.

Its chargers range from 7kW to 22kW AC units, to DC fast chargers capable of 50kW, 150kW and 350kW rates.

The most recent price increase was announced in mid-March 2023, with a handful of New South Wales and Victorian locations getting a hike.

Chargefox charging stations with Australian Motoring Services member discounts

  • NRMA Ballina
  • NRMA Coffs Harbour
  • NRMA Cooma
  • NRMA Goulburn
  • NRMA Gundagai
  • NRMA Karuah
  • NRMA Keith
  • NRMA Murray Bridge
  • NRMA Port Macquarie
  • NRMA Shell Cove
  • NRMA Sydney
  • RAC West Perth
  • RAC Australind
  • RACV Airport West
  • RACV Ballarat
  • RACV Barnawartha
  • RACV Euroa
  • RACV Horsham
  • RACV Moe
  • RACV Torquay
  • RACQ Carseldine Central


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