Tesla Crashes Into Tesla, Then Crashes Into Another Tesla
Tesla Crashes Into Tesla, Then Crashes Into Another Tesla

Tesla Crashes Into Tesla, Then Crashes Into Another Tesla


Everybody knows that California is the land of EVs in the United States. The stats show it, but if numbers and charts aren’t your cup of tea, what better way to showcase The Golden State’s leading EV adoption rate than a crash video that involves no fewer than four EVs, and all of them Teslas?

When so many cars are so close to one another at the same time that they’re involved in the same crash, you know Tesla is having a good time there.

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Stay safe and check your mirrors

Even with the multitude of active safety features that come as standard on new Tesla vehicles, it’s still the driver who is responsible if something goes bad. In the video embedded below, one Tesla braked automatically to avoid a crash, while the driver of another Tesla swerved into the left lane and was hit from behind by a third Tesla.

The story, brought to us by the Wham Baam Teslacam YouTube channel, goes like this. A white Model Y was going on its merry way on a California highway when it suddenly had to slow down because there was traffic ahead.

Another Model Y, which had the so-called Full Self-Driving feature enabled, also managed to slow down in time and kept its body in tip-top shape.

That’s until another Tesla, this time a Model 3, changed lanes because it couldn’t stop in time and was hit from behind by a gray Model S that wasn’t doing anything wrong. The red Model 3 that swerved caught a bit of air after it was hit and then it smashed into the red Model Y that recorded the whole thing.

Three cars were involved in the crash, but thankfully nobody was injured, according to the Wham Baam Teslacam video. The driver who changed lanes without first checking his side mirrors admitted he was at fault.

The moral of the story? No matter how many cameras or safety assistants a car might have, if the driver doesn’t keep a safe distance from the car in front, it might be all for nothing. So stay safe out there and always check your mirrors.


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