Honda persists with hydrogen, previews fuel-cell CR-V
Honda persists with hydrogen, previews fuel-cell CR-V

Honda persists with hydrogen, previews fuel-cell CR-V

February 20, 2024


Honda is continuing to develop a hydrogen fuel-cell version of its CR-V, despite hydrogen propulsion failing to take off with passenger vehicles.

Having first announced its plans to offer the Honda CR-V with a hydrogen fuel-cell system in December 2022, the Japanese brand has released its first teaser of the upcoming model.

While it looks the same as the petrol-powered CR-V on the outside, under the skin the SUV is understood to have been modified significantly to accept Honda’s new fuel cell system.

Previewed in November 2023, the new-generation hydrogen fuel cell was confirmed to make its first production appearance in the Honda CR-V, though next to no technical details have been revealed.

As with existing hydrogen fuel-cell electric vehicles (FCEVs), the Honda CR-V will use hydrogen to constantly charge a small battery which powers an electric motor.

However, the upcoming SUV will be unique by offering the ability to be plugged in – allowing it to be driven short distances with no hydrogen in its tanks.

Honda will be the first brand to utilise this unique system, as the Toyota Mirai and Hyundai Nexo – plus the now-defunct Honda Clarity – don’t feature this ability.

The US and Japan are the only two markets currently planned to receive the CR-V FCEV this year, however it will likely only be sold in areas with the infrastructure to support it with hydrogen refuelling stations.

As reported earlier this week, California – the largest US state for FCEVs – now has less than 60 hydrogen filling stations, after energy giant Shell announced it was closing all seven of its locations effective immediately.

It’s not yet clear how Honda will sell the CR-V FCEV to customers, as both the Toyota Mirai and Hyundai Nexo are only available on lease deals.

There are no plans for the Honda CR-V FCEV to be sold in Australia, given the even scarcer availability of hydrogen filling stations.

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